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Uraan – Karachi Beach Huts is your premium go to for a lovely at Karachi Hawksbay. Whether you’re looking to escape the scorching heat of the summer sun or have in mind a cozy retreat from the exhausting demands of routine, Uraan has the perfect solution.

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Avail a number of clean, luxurious Beach huts such as French Beach Huts, Turtle Beach Huts, Sandspit Beach Huts and Hawksbay Beach Huts. Furnished with spacious rooms with attached restrooms and a functioning kitchen, not to mention adequate parking space and a view to die for, all in the most reasonable of rates!

Recent Success of Uraan -Karachi Beach Huts

Be it the recent success at work or an important occasion to come together with friends and family. Uraan will provide you with the means to make your celebrations even more memorable. Indulge in beach sports like jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and many more or just let yourself relax in the glow of a bonfire with only the music of the waves in the background as your sole witness. We also provide Catering customized to your liking. The possibilities with Uraan are endless. Do visit our Facebook profile for more information.

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